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Fränkly. Why us?

Why Fränkly is for you

Taste Superiority

We've worked hard testing different infusions to develop Fränkly CBD oil's gentle flavours that enhance the product for a more positive experience. So many CBD oils on the market, in our opinion, taste terrible. We like to think of Fränkly as the "fine wine" of organic CBD oils.

Healthy Communities

It's important to us that you are healthy. But we want to ensure that we contribute to healthy environment, too. Our CBD extract products are made with organic and sustainable production principles

Shop Simply and Securely

We understand. You want quick, stress-free processing and delivery of your Fränkly CBD products. We’ve got you.

Clean and Safe CBD

All Fränkly products contain less than 0.5% THC. Most of our products do not contain any THC at all

Tried and True

We get expert approvals. Our organic CBD products are not only tested after each production run, but also frequently by certified independent laboratories. Strict quality controls of all Fränkly CBD products mean consistently excellent purity and potency.

Mind and Body Wellness

Life happens and it’s not always easy. This can cause anxiety and illness. Our natural hemp extract products are made to support your overall wellbeing and general health by preventing or improving the physical and environmental effects of a demanding lifestyle.

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What makes Fränkly CBD oil the better choice?

Well, for starters, it’s pure Swiss-made organic CBD oil founded on the principles of quality and transparency. This simply means we want you to experience the purest CBD hemp extract but also know exactly what’s in it.

The CBD tinctures are formed with a Swiss formula that uses a gentle low-temperature extraction process. We use outdoor crop rotation and helpful insects known as biocontrol, which essentially means we control harmful pests and diseases with useful insects and other natural mechanisms. This is all carefully controlled by highly experienced farmers and horticulturists.

The result is an excellent therapeutic CBD product health range because we believe that if calm balance is what we put in, then that’s what you’ll get out.

What is CBD?

A common misconception is that CBD is the same as smoking cannabis – just taken in oil form.

There’s a big difference.

CBD is short for cannabidiol. is just one type of cannabinoid. Just one of over 120 natural compounds found in cannabis or hemp plants.

CBD is perhaps the best-known and most widely-discussed of all these cannabinoids and is a big buzzword in health circles due to its proven value as a natural therapy for a number of common mental and physical symptoms.

Where does CBD oil come from?

The hemp plant (Cannabis sativa) is a cousin of the marijuana plant, and contains large amounts of CBD cannabinoids.

CBD oil is made by gently extracting the cannabidiol from the hemp plant and mixing this extract with a natural base such as coconut oil, alcohol or hemp seed oil.

What can CBD oil help with?

You might ask what it doesn’t help with.

There are still tests being done on the effectiveness of CBD in treating a number of ailments. Currently, it has proven itself to be highly effective in easing pain and inflammation, creating a balance that combats common, everyday feelings of stress and anxiety, supporting heart health and improving skin issues and many others.

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