The Fränkly Health Affiliate Program

What is an Affiliate Program? 

Our referral program is a growth marketing platform that encourages our existing customers to recommend the Fränkly Health range of health products to their friends, family and colleagues, and earn commission on those sales - 100% risk-free, with no fees to pay. 

By using this word-of-mouth marketing, it seeks to supercharge natural or latent word of mouth with easy to use sharing tools and referral rewards.

Our affiliate tracking codes persist for 60 days, which means that if you refer somebody they have 60 days from their initial visit to our site to make a purchase. There is no investment required on your part, and this is a 100% risk-free program.

Become a Fränkly Health affiliate in these 4 easy steps

  1. Email or contact Fränkly Health
  2. Request information on our company's affiliate program - including payouts, guidelines, requirements.
  3. Promote our brand and product range responsibly.
  4. Get paid for your efforts by earning commissions on every sale that comes in through your affiliate link.